One thing is for sure I’ve loved these past few weekends so much! I’ve been blessed by the grace of God with some beautiful best friends and although we don’t live as close as we once did I love nothing more than our time together. Since I’ve gotten older I’ve learned how important great friends are; ones that you can cry with, laugh with, drink with, trust and so much more.

Growing up, we’ve all had our moments where we’ve been picked on in public or talked bad about by someone who we thought was our friend.; turns out they aren’t… and that’s perfectly okay! Why would you want those people in your life anyways? Trust that God will place the people in your life that truly need to be there, help you learn who you don’t need in your life and shower you with a few forever friends. Now that I’m out of college it’s fun to see the girl friends that aren’t leaving my life any time soon. I consider each one of them a blessing and you should too.



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