Breaking All The Rules

fashion fashion fashion  fashionfashion I know I’ve been MIA but, last week I was finally cleared to get out of my knee brace and between work, soccer coaching and the rest of the things that go on in life I’m trying to get back on schedule.

One rule I love to break is wearing white after labor day. Even though white is a great summer color, it’s also a perfect transition into the cooler months. It took me a little while to find the perfect pair of distressed jeans but this pair, from Old Navy, was well worth the wait and quite frankly, I just don’t want to stop wearing them! Not to mention, this fall weather is making jeans super easy to rock too and I’m not mad about it. Bring on the cold weather so wearing boots in Florida is acceptable!

Camo Loose Tee {similar} – Target | White Rockstar Jeans {similar}- Old Navy | Sandals {similar} – Gap | Necklace {similar} – JCREW | Earrings {similar} – Bauble Bar


Jesus Take the Wheel

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For those of you who don’t know I recently underwent my very first surgery to repair my ACL & meniscus in my left knee. Going in I knew how serious the rehab was going to be since I would have to rebuild all the muscles in my leg, but what sat heaviest on my shoulders was going under and having that possibility of not coming back out. It was an out patient surgery and its very common I know, but I have never felt so much anxiety as much as I did that morning; just ask my nurse.. my heart rate was pretty high. With my stomach turning, full of knots & even though I tried so hard, tears couldn’t help but fall.

Before I went back to the surgery room my Mom kept assuring me that Jesus is watching out for me. Then my boy friend’s Mom read me some scriptures that stressed that I need to put all my worries in God’s hands. He will take care of me. Before my family left my side, much to my surprise the surgeon asked if he could pray over me. It was truly one of the most eye opening experiences in my life. It’s common that a lot of surgeons have a scientific outlook and don’t always believe in Jesus but for him to believe made me feel at ease.

After he lead a prayer with me, my mom & my boy friend I don’t remember much (thanks to the drugs) but something that stuck with me was that a nurse in the surgery room told me, “Leave it in his hands” and that I did.

Since surgery, I have made a promise to myself to make Jesus more of a priority in my life, whether it’s praying every day or finding time to read scriptures. He helped me through surgery, he’ll help me through this roller coaster thing they call rehab and he’ll help guide me in my every day life.

Pale Pink + White Ripped Jeans

Jacksonville Fashion bloggerJacksonville Fashion bloggerJacksonville Fashion bloggerJacksonville fashion blogger Pale Pink Blouse {similar} – Francesca’s | White Rockstar Jeans – Old Navy | Small Brown Wedges {similar} – Franco Sarto | Leather Watch – Michael Kors | Stamped Necklace {similar} – Etsy

What a fun few weeks it’s been, between my sister’s wedding & a fundraiser for my college soccer coach, I’m pretty wiped out; so much so I’ve caught a stomach bug.

Make sure to be on the lookout because I’ll be sharing her beautiful wedding story here soon. While we bare all this rain here in Florida, I hope everyone has a wonderful Monday!

PS. Don’t mind my face in the last picture.. it was about 100 degress outside and I was obviously getting ancy.



Hot Pink Top + Blue and White Pleated Shorts

Jacksonville Fashion Blog Jacksonville Fashion Blog Jacksonville Fashion Blog Jacksonville Fashion Blog Jacksonville Fashion Blog Jacksonville Fashion BlogPink Blouse {similar} – Francesca’s | Pleated Shorts {similar} – JCREW | Thick Leather Watch {similar} – Michael Kors | Wedges {similar} – Franco Sarto

After a great weekend it’s time to get back to business and face the heat after work to shoot some looks for the blog. I was able to convince my boy friend that pictures won’t take “too long” (pssh… we all know we have to check out the pictures before we can say we’re done). I’m starting to get prepared for my sister’s wedding next weekend so bare with me these next few weeks. Eek! Things are about to get crazy around here!



Teal & White is Everything Right

Sneakers to Pumps Fashion Blog Sneakers to Pumps Fashion Blog Sneakers to Pumps Fashion Blog Sneakers to Pumps Fashion Blog Sneakers to Pumps Fashion Blog Top (no longer available) – Francesca’s Collections | Low Rise Rockstar Jeans – Old Navy | Tan Wedges {similar} – Nordstrom

After a fourth of July weekend filled with plenty of hot dogs, friends and fireworks, I’m slowly getting back into the work week. I couldn’t have asked for anything better!

Since I’m still pretty new to the blogging world, one thing I’ve really been focusing on is learning new ways to improve my blog whether it’s how I edit my pictures, my blog layout or how I post my pictures via social media. It was a pretty gloomy day when we took these pictures so here’s my attempt at photo editing; still a long way to go but not half bad!

Happy Tuesday everyone!


Gone Gingham

Jacksonville fashion blogger Jacksonville fashion blogger Jacksonville fashion blogger Jacksonville fashion blogger

I love nothing more than some sunshine by the water after a day of thunderstorms. These shorts have become my new obsession seeing as I have them in 3 colors! These red shorts are the perfect addition to a summer cookout and you can still dress them up when you’re ready to head out for the night.

Gingham Button Down {similar} | JCREW Boardwalk Pull-on Shorts | Francesca’s Cross Body | Altar’d State Shimmer Sandal

I hope everyone is getting as excited as me for the 4th of July weekend!


Perfect Swing Dress

Jacksonville fashion blog Jacksonville fashion blog Jacksonville fashion blog Jacksonville fashion blog Jacksonville fashion blog Jacksonville fashion blog Jacksonville fashion blogHappy Weekend!  Here is a look of mine while my boy friend, Will and I headed out to explore a new part of town. It turned out to be a beautiful day after all of the thunderstorms stopped. Tomorrow might be Monday but I’m ready to tackle this week! Hope you all had a great weekend. Thanks for stopping by!

Swing Tank Dress {similar} – Old Navy | Sandals – Marshalls | Straw Hat – H&M | Necklace – OhhSoChristen